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Ken McCauley is a New York 1144-A defense attorney.

Born and raised in New York City. Husband and father of two beautiful children. Graduated with Albany Law School’s highest academic standing in Administrative Law and formed his own traffic ticket defense firm.

Ken is known in local legal circles for his intellectual prowess and superior writing abilities. His clients are extremely loyal and he enjoys a large amount of referral business because of the quality of his work and the results he is able to achieve. He enjoys defending 1144-A tickets because of the challenge and practices other complex areas of law, including consulting businesses regarding New York’s Alcohol Beverage Control Law so that they can obtain and keep their liquor license. Most recently, Ken has been pioneering a new realm of civil litigation – protecting the rights of victims of internet harassment.

Specialty Courts: Ken represents clients with 1144-a cases all over New York state but…

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