Did You Get a 1144-A Ticket?


New York’s 1144-A Move Over law is aggressively enforced throughout the state. If convicted, 3 points will be added to your driving record and you will be issued a fine of $275.00 (plus state surcharge). State Troopers, local law enforcement officials, and traffic court judges take these charges very seriously. Some courts have even adopted policies of making no plea bargain reduction offers to first-time offenders, making it very difficult to protect even a clean driving record from points. In most cases, you will need an attorney that has experience handling these tickets in your particular court to fight the charges.


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Here’s What It Looks Like:


1144-A Ticket

This 1144-AA citation was issued on Interstate I-87 in the town of Bethlehem, Albany County, NY.


The Uniform Traffic Ticket above is from a real case in Upstate New York. The client was traveling from New York City on business and was stopped on the Thruway by a local patrol car.